Millstream Foam Products

Millstream has become quite well know for the high-density, closed cell foam that we use as liners in our boxes. Because ripple foam is molded rather than cut, it has a velvety, elastic surface that wears better and longer than more rigid foam.

Our ripple foam is available as part of several accessories, as well as replacement foam liners for boxes such as ours. All foam items are able to be trimmed to the size you need with household scissors and have an adhesive backing with a peel-off liner.

Available Sizes

NOTE: Bulk foam is available for manufacturers and craftspeople through our website, by calling Millstream at 603-647-4003, or emailing

Millstream Ripple Refills

Millstream Ripple Refills

Millstream Ripple Refills come in three sizes. Each package contains one sheet of ripple foam and one sheet of flat foam. Flat refills contain two sheets of 3/16" flat foam.

Millstream Boat Patches

Millstream Ripple Boat Patch

A Millstream Boat Patch is a 12"x15" sheet of foam with an adhesive backing designed to be mounted wherever you need to pin a fly - boat, truck, fly tying bench... anywhere. Available in ripple foam (shown here) or 1/8" flat foam.

Millstream Fly Patches

Millstream NubbyTack Fly Patch

A clip-on storage patch to keep flies at hand. Plastic clip will not rust damage clothing. Available with ripple foam or NubbyTack™ (shown here).

Millstream Strike Indicators

Mill Stream pinch-on foam indicators will not peel, fade or run – the color is part of the foam! A single sheet with 32 punch-out indicators in two sizes in each package.