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Ripple Refills

Ripple Refills
Ripple Refills have one sheet of flat foam and one sheet of ripple foam in each package. Both may be trimmed with scissors for a more custom fit.

Flat & Ripple Boat Patches

Ripple Boat Patch
Boat Patches are single 12" x 15" ripple foam OR 1/8" flat foam sheets with adhesive backing. They may be applied to just about any flat, clean surface - like boats, trucks,or worktables. They may also be trimmed to size with scissors to fit odd-sized boxes and containers.

Fly Patches

Fly Patches
Mill Stream Fly Patches are available with ripple foam or NubbyTack and have a knot chart on the rigid backer. The clip will not damage clothing.

Mill Stream foam products are made of the best high-density foam available. Because the foam is molded rather than cut, it has a velvety, elastic surface that wears better and longer than more rigid foam.

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